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Your Fix and Flip A-Team

    Your Fix and Flip A-Team    Maybe you’re a renovation extraordinaire, you have the resources and skills to do everything by yourself. You dictate your own routine and take control! But here is the deal, even Batman still had his trusty sidekick. The point of this...

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What Makes a House ‘The One’?

  MDI West Properties' Photo: 879 Regal Road, Berkeley CA - SOLD 6/24/2015   What makes a house 'The One'?    Is this market a desirable area? In a previous post we’ve talked about what makes an individual house marketable in a neighborhood. But just like a house is...

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An Eye for Flipping Design

    Flipping houses trends you need to understand   There is nothing worse than putting thousands of dollars and time and effort into a house and then have it sit on the market because it doesn’t have the one thing every other house on the market does. Here are a few...

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The Three Aspects of Investing

    Whether you are flipping homes or developing commercial real estate, there are three main aspects of what we do.   1. Ability to find and analyze the deal 2. Knowledge of how to get the deal done 3. The capital to fund the deal   Success without having all three...

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Tips for Acquiring Flips

    Network, Network, Network Start with your immediate network of family and friends. Let everyone in your life know you are flipping houses, so they will think of you when they come across an opportunity. Sign up with and go to local real estate...

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Do’s and Don’ts with Fix & Flip Contractors

    Whether you are thinking about your next fix & flip or are a newcomer to the industry, I hope the following do’s and don’ts with fix & flip contractors will aid you in your next project. Flipping homes is in my DNA, past down by my father’s teachings. He has been...

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