Jeff Morris, our Managing Partner, was featured in an interviewed with Jesse from ESPN Radio. For 60 minutes, Jeff answered the most pressing questions in the fix & flip industry.


Is Flipping Houses Dead?


1:15 | Flipping is not dead anywhere, there is always opportunity in every market.

Network, Network, Network!


11:06 | Networking is the key. As long as you have a big enough network, you are always going to have opportunities to look at.

Who is MDI West Properties?


13:46 | MDI West Properties is a private equity real estate investment company that specializes in distressed assets, both commercial and residential.

What Happens If Things Go Wrong?


12:48 | In our business time is everything.  Sometimes you have to change gears but the important thing is to keep moving forward.

Final Thoughts


6:14 | Our structure offers the opportunity to not only earn a commission as an agent with the acquisition and resale of the asset but also, by being a Joint Venture Partner, you can earn 50% of the profits.

MDI West Properties

MDI West Properties is a low-cost capital partner that funds up to 85% of costs for fix and flip investment projects.

Learn more about our Joint Venture Partnership Program today!

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